Best resources for medieval Catholicism?
well... ok I can name some random ones. Cluny and the liturgy can be more difficult to find entire books on in english, but there are still some. but for general monasticism there are many that include in depth discussions of the liturgy. Even just the rules are fascinating and have descriptions of the liturgy
C.H. Lawrence: Medieval Monasticism
David Knowles: the religious orders in England 2. The monastic order in england 3. Bare ruined choirs.
Peter King: Western monasticism
Cuthbert Butler: Benedictine Monachism
Jean Leclerq: Love of learning and the desire for God a study in monastic culture
rules-Rule of St. Benedict,Rule of the Master,Rule of st. Albert (carmelite),Rule of Grimlaic for solitaries,Rule of st. Augustine,Rule of st. Columbanus,Rule of st. Francis plus all other writings by him,Regularis concordia (great descriptions of monastic liturgy),Ancrene Wisse (rule for anchoresses),De institutione inclusarum (recluses),myrour of recluses (recluses)
Golden legend, Confessions of St. Patrick +letters, Vita of St. Leoba Vita of St. boniface, same for wulfric of haselbury, st.Bernard of Clairvaux, Odo of Cluny, Five hermit brothers (camaldolese), st. Romuald, Guthlac of crowland................far too many good ones to count, endless!
The dialogue on miracles by: Caesarius of hiesterbach(cannot reccomend this one enough!) Guibert of nogent-monodiae,
    ok I am just going to list random titles since you asked for anything these are primary sources-
historia monachorum, cassians conferences and institutes, Form of living- walter hilton scale of perfection-hilton, works of St. Claire, vision of Piers the plowman, Vision of thurkil, Shewings-Julian of Norwich, Pilgrims guide to compostella (codex callixtinus available in english) Chronicle of the abbey of Bury st. edmunds, Vision of a monk of evesham, gregory of tours history of the franks(much ecclesiastical history, merovingian) Bede- Ecclesiastical history, Life of Antony, Life of St. Christina the astonishing (very very interesting). Life of Christina of markyate, book of margery kempe, wooing group texts, Catherine group texts, navigatio of St. Brendan, joinville and vilhardoin chronicles of the crusades, Writings of Lanfranc, Bernardo gui manual for inquisitors, Malleus malifecarum (be sure to find a faithful translation), Bernard of Clairvaux sermons, Bernard of Cluny de contemptu mundi, Savonarola-compendium of revelations, penitentials (excellent anthology by Mcniel& gamer) smaragdus of st. Mihiel- commentary on rule of Benedict and the Crown of monks, The south english legendary (good hagiography similar to golden legend) Gildas-the ruin of britain, Gregory the great-dialogues Abbot Suger- the abbey church and treasures of St. Denis.
AAAHHH! too many Keep in mind these are just some random texts coming to mind that I find fascinating they are not a program of study or anything like that if it is of no use to you I am sorry, but have a look these are some titles on many areas of medieval religious culture.
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