Questionable absolutions - What should I do?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I need some guidance from some faithful Catholics. I went to confession the other night and the priest's absolution was something I've never heard before. I cannot be 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure he didn't utter the words "I absolve you from your sins", rather he said something about him being a "lowly priest" and from what I can remember this was followed by "I forgive you your sins, in the name of the Father...." I was troubled by this so I decided to re-confess to another priest, who certainly did not use the "God the Father of Mercies...." formula and simply said "May our Lord Jesus Christ forgive you your sins in the name of the Father...." Should I seek out a third priest in another town and confess again, or should I trust that the first absolution was valid (I know the second was not) because I don't remember the exact wording the priest used, though it was much closer to "I absolve you" than the second.

What about all the people who go to these priests for confession who know nothing of what a valid absolution consists of? Are they absolved through invincible ignorance if their confession is sincere?

Thanks in advance.


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