Questionable absolutions - What should I do?
Oh boy, what a luck you have. This also happened to me, that's why today I always have the absolution formula at hand in my mobile so if the priest tries something funny I can ask him to just repeat after me.  :grin:

If you were so unsure about the first confession that you sought another priest, and the second confession was definitely invalid, then why would you stop there?
And if all the annulments of marriage are real, then it seems a sacrament can be invalid quite easily.
You say a third priest would require you to go into another town. Well, if that's doable I would do it (maybe you could even take the opportunity to do whatever you might need in this other town). But don't take my actions as Gospel.

As to the people that didn't notice anything wrong, its up to God isn't it. This is no dogma, but I trust in His mercy.


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