Catholicism and eastern martial arts
My first Tai Chi teacher is an extremely devout convert to Catholicism.  Never once was there any hint of any kind of pagan worship/influence/devotion, etc. in his instruction.

Here's an interesting article by him.

I've used Tai Chi to help heal an arthritic knee, to relax, and just to help keep my mind and body working a little better.  I have some enormous issues and struggles with my Christian faith, but I seriously doubt they are a result of my practice of Tai Chi, although if one wanted to one could erroneously correlate the two. 

Speaking of "danger", RF, anything of "the world" is potentially dangerous for us, whether it be a martial art form, learning calligraphy or pyrography, Zentangling, painting water colors, or eating at your favorite Chinese restaurant or Western "gourmet" burger joint.


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