Crisis Magazine: Can the Pope Be a Heretic?
(03-11-2015, 12:52 AM)Azygos Wrote: Wasn't Pope Honorius condemned as a formal heretic? And, I think a better way to ponder the subject is to consider that even if the Pope is in heresy (formal or material); he still retains his office as long as the Church recognizes him as the Pope. It has been said that many Popes in the past were heretics but it is certain that they were not all condemned as heretics (this is not to say that they escaped hell). To speak frankly, it is very possible that Pope Francis has been affected by the heresy of modernism; believing that good hope can be entertained for the salvation of those who die outside the Church, that Catholics worship the same God as those who reject Jesus Christ, that the Catholic Church is not exclusively true but that it just contains the fullness of the truth- leaving other faiths still true faiths, believing that the Jewish Covenant has never been revoked and is a salvific covenant apart from the Church, believing that dogma can change from one meaning to another, etc. In fact, I not only believe that Pope Francis is possibly affected by the modernist heresy but that John Paul 2 was also, though he is a Saint (infallibly declared so). I also believe that my own Priest has been affected by these typical modernist ideas, probably no fault of his own.

And the popes  Paul VI and John XXIII were modernists too. Their guilt was bigger since they both took the Antimodernist Oath which Paul VI later abrogated.

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