Vatican: no return to old ICEL translations
(03-20-2015, 01:15 AM)Optatus Cleary Wrote: I prefer the new translations. I prefer every other type of Catholic liturgy I have attended ( so far only TLM, Byzantine, and Anglican Ordinariate, but I have more "liturgical adventures" planned  :)).  But I do see a traditional Catholic I have some issues with sudden changes...I suppose those attached to the old ICEL translations feel somewhat like the "first generation" trads did. And not all of them are hostile liberals: a lot of them are just people used to hearing what they hear each week. Of course, these translations are such a small change a lot of people probably never even noticed.

But it's a point well taken, I mean, people hear what they hear, and they are used to that.  The new translations are better for what they are worth, but definitely if I had gotten used to the old it would bother me a bit to see them changed. People forget, things like the prayers in the Mass have clear religious meaning for people and to keep changing them every few decades is just unjust, not to mention it gives the impression that the Church can just tinker at will with its sacred rites.

Incidentally this is exactly the impression many trads get when they pause to consider Pius V's suppression of local rites,Pius X mangling the psalter schema in the breviary,Pius XII tinkering with Holy Week and creating new Propers for the feast of the Assumption, and of course the whole slam dunk papally sanctioned wreck job of the Roman Rite that became the Novus Ordo.  Is everything at the whim of the papacy and liturgical committees? Is our faith something handed on to us or is it something fabricated by the hierarchy?

No doubt the new Novus Ordo translations are less disingenuous than the old, but the whole principle of constant aggiornamento is something people rightly abhor,especially in matters of religion.

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