Doctors Say Tick Borne ‘Powassan Virus’ Is Worse Than Lyme Disease
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(04-10-2015, 12:00 AM)Cyriacus Wrote: As a former patient of Lyme Disease, one who continued to manifest symptoms after the initial course of antibiotics, I am alarmed about this.

Part of the problem is the huge number of deer. Game management policies focus on keeping a high number of deer, even in suburban areas. Many years ago, seeing a deer was a relative rarity, a pleasant surprise. Now they are exceedingly common, especially in states where hunting is a major industry.

They wreak havoc on local flora (including rare wildflowers), they destroy gardens (eating both ornamental plants and vegetables), and, being overpopulated, they breed diseases that can be transmitted to humans through deer ticks and other vectors. We really need to get shooting those deer, and the meat should be inspected and distributed to the needy.

You're absolutely right about the explosion of the deer population and how they've become a huge pest in many areas.  But, we really only have ourselves to blame.  We've pretty much eliminated any natural predators of deer and we don't hunt them enough ourselves.  So...they multiply accordingly.  But, I guess that's "meat" for a different discussion  :grin:.

So there's an abundance of deer meat waiting to be hunted? Sounds like a great way to beat the recession to me.

Indeed it is! Good lean, non-chemically contaminated (depending on the enviornment) protein that tastes similar to goat or kid.

One thing that has recently been imported to us in Florida is the Button Tick. Lovely Yankee fellow from Connecticut and caries the Lyme Disease bug with him. I've got a few here and just pulled one off tonight. Nasty fellows these. They're so small you can't feel them until they get you. They can crawl around on you until they find a good place. Mine was my foot and at the base of a toe. Big, hard blisters, just from a non-bloody bite. Blisters were serous fluid filled.

Deer sure have their share of ticks too. Always have to check my dogs for them, they hide on their fur well.

Livin' in the country has its 'aspects'. :grin:

You don't even need to live deep in the country to be afflicted with deer tics and other tics and vermin that transmit Lyme disease.  Back yards in cities and suburbs host them, too.

As for deer as a cheap alternative to other meats, that's all well and good if a) you can hunt, b) you have the means to hunt (either firearms or bow and arrow and are good enough to use them well), c) can haul the deer to your vehicle, d) have an appropriate vehicle to haul it to, e) know how to skin and butcher them or know someone who'll do it for you, f) have a big enough freezer(s) to store the meat in, g) like the taste of venison (quite a few folks don't).  Hunting seasons for deer tend to be relatively short in many places, too, thereby further limiting how many you can kill.  Okay, so there is hunting out of season...but you'd better not get caught! :)

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