Save yet another parish that will be demolished!
there is a few recourses, one is to try to get a traditional religious order to take it over and keep it alive, two try to get some rich philanthapsits to help, or try to press the diocese to turn it into something for a ministarial purpose.  we have been somewhat blessed that new religious communities have come to fort wayne and saved, and restored a very old church saint andrews in the traditional franciscan order of friars minor, and in the old rectory some carmelite nuns, many of whom are really young ladies entering and contemplating, its great to see, and they are far from gloomy, they are sturn and humble in prayer, but most of them that have not yet entered the enclosure as well as the brothers will, talk and joke around during recreation time, and are very loving people, especialy Fr David Mary Engo, he is on fire with the spirit when he says mass, but he is such a card when chatting, but really knows how to teach the lesson of the day and give a good homily, they are a bit hybrid though they pray in latin, but the mass is said in english facing the altar, kind of like ewtn, but more latin, oh and both communities are discalised, um you know without shoes, except when needed for hard work, or the snow this is indiana after all,  there is also I belive hermitage they run at the old St Felix Friery in Huntington, the place where Ven Bernard Solanac Casey was at in his latter years, many intersery miraculas things are atributed to him, as well as a man in the true spirit of St Frances, he reached into a beehive while playing a harmonica and pulled out one of the two queens as they were starting to swarm or get angry.

so that is what we have been blessed with, keep pressing those that can give a historical designation, and try to find a religious order to keep and maintain the property most especialy if its in a poor area so they can minister to them.

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