Judaism and Christianity – Blurring the Lines
(05-05-2015, 12:51 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote:
(05-05-2015, 10:59 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: What he says is absolutely true at least in practice. World christianity did a collective about face in the 20th century. While the official catechism and almost 2000 years of teaching might say about the necessity of all men to be converted, including Jews is no longer practiced. Even the prayer for the conversion of the Jews on Good Friday was changed by the highest authority in the Church!

The way you speak about the Good Friday prayer is misleading: it sounds as if it doesn't ask for the conversion of Jews, when in fact it does this, but instead of speaking of veiling it speaks of illumination—which is equivalent: if something is to be illumined it is in the dark.

But of course, I find it hideous how a lobby group from another religion has this power over a Catholic liturgical act. We should plain simply ignore them.

And also, of course, this lethargy over conversion is not only directed to Jews. It seems we can't even convert ourselves.

He may be referring to the OF prayer for the Jews:

Quote:Let us pray also for the Jewish people,
to whom the Lord our God spoke first,
that he may grant them to advance in love of his name
and in faithfulness to his covenant.

Almighty ever-living God,
who bestowed your promises on Abraham and his descendants,
graciously hear the prayers of your Church,
that the people you first made your own
may attain the fullness of redemption.
Through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.

It's like they found the exact phrasing to sound like they are not asking for conversion but also to leave just enough wiggle room to say "of course we are!" to detractors. BTW the Latin is:

Quote:Orémus et pro Iudaeis,
ut, ad quos prius locútus est Dóminus Deus noster,
eis tríbuat in sui nóminis amóre
et in sui foderis fidelitáte profícere.

Omnípotens sempitérne Deus,
qui promissiónes tuas Abrahae eiúsque sémini contulísti,
Ecclésiae tuae preces cleménter exáudi,
ut pópulus acquisitiónis prióris ad redemptiónis
mereátur plenitúdinem perveníre.
Per Christum Dóminum nostrum.
R. Amen.

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