Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Alright. If you read my earlier post you'll find out that your Yes answer is precisely my No response (and I never said anything about a fake Sister Lucia). The full, proper consecration was never made for whatever reason, but some consecration was made (you know, just like new rite holy water is holy, but its not quite old rite holy water). In this sense I'd disagree with you that the this is a Yes-No question. We both seem to tend to a “not quite” response.

As to Russia's situation: I'll just reiterate that I'm a bit skeptical right now about their sincerity. Russia until quite recently had the world's largest abortion rates, and even though they might not like the gays they are not the shining examples of virtue. They are turning around, yes, but when we moderns think of triumph we think big explosions and stuff happening all at once. Not this slow, constant slope growth.

As to an approximation to the Orthodox, what do you mean? I hope you realize how adopting their scheme of remarriage is absolutely unacceptable. Want to reunite with Easterners? Abolish the NOM forever and ever and pass a law prohibiting any other liturgy designed by committee. Given the whole Oikonomia thing, it might not even be an issue for Easterners that in the West we simply don't do two wives.
The simple fact is, barring divine intervention they will not come back to the Catholic Church. They can't even get along with Greeks and Lebanese, how are we to expect for them to get along with Italians and Frenches? Now, Russians becoming Catholics would definitely be a miracle.

I guess I'll just suspend judgment on the whole Fatima thing for now. My hands are quite full handling my own purgation and sanctification.

Also, I don't mind lengthy posts—we're not on twitter, right.

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