Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

(06-06-2015, 08:19 AM)thomas7 Wrote: Now some are saying that Russia having  already been consecrated in '84 but needs to be AGAIN because the 'era of peace' , having lasted 25 years, has come and gone, Russia is reverting back to being evil again so let's 're-consecrate' Russia again!! Unbelievable logic coming from the SpiritDaily neo catholic crowd.

Not really so illogical as hopeful in the face of the odds against the likelihood of such an extension being granted.

BTW: The crack about "neo catholic crowd"? References please? I never thought of Michael Brown , nor his writings in such a manner.

Michael Brown's site is the 'ecumenical National Enquirer' for catholics,  who's site promotes Medjugorje and literally anything that appears 'mystifying'.  Needless to say , he is not by any means a traditional catholic. 

So, belief in the idea that Russia 'was' consecrated and converted but decided it didn't like the status any longer so now it needs to be 're-consecrated'?  JPII didn't know if the consecration actually took effect, asked Lucy twice if it did, need the Assisi 'effect' to take hold, that didn't work so employed another round of 'peace talks' with Assisi again, that didn't take... all the while, during this 25 year 'era of peace' a third try at Assisi ...

I would say, the 'first' consecration of Russia NEVER occurred.

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