Irish plunge stake through Catholic Church’s heart
(06-05-2015, 09:23 AM)SaintSebastian Wrote:
(06-05-2015, 03:49 AM)richgr Wrote: It seems like the moment Faith, whether individually or collectively, is taken for granted and not as a grace, it begins to dissipate, and fast.

Or as all the spiritual masters said: not to advance is to regress.

This is so true and history really bears it out.  The "best of times" for the Church--ie when there is peace and respect from the world and little struggle--quickly become the worst of times.  St. Bernard applied the following verse in Isaiah to this phenomenon in his own time:

"It was once predicted of the Church, and now the time of its fulfillment draws near: Behold, in peace is my bitterness most bitter (Is. 38:17). It was bitter at first in the persecution of the martyrs, more bitter in later times in the struggle with the great heresiarchs, but most bitter of all now in the evil lives of her members. She cannot drive them away, and she cannot flee from them, so strongly established are they, and so multiplied are they above measure. The plague of the Church is inward; it is incurable. It is that which makes its bitterness most bitter, even in the midst of peace. But in what peace! Peace it is, and yet it is not peace. There is peace with the world, but not from her own sons. At this time is heard the voice of her complaining: I have nourished and brought forth children, and they have rebelled against me (Is. 1:2). They have rebelled. They have dishonored me with their evil lives, by their many works which walk in darkness."
That's a great quotation. Do you happen to have the original source location with you?

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