Help! Traditional Latin Mass - Guidelines / Responses for Laity
Hello everyone,

Perhaps some of you can help me out with this.

Three months ago, me and a few others asked our priest if he would be willing to offer a monthly Traditional Latin Mass at my parish.  He agreed to do so enthusiastically, and was quickly granted permission by the Bishop!  Since no one in the parish had any experience in serving the TLM, I sought the help of a priest who offers the Latin Mass regularly who taught me how to serve Low Mass (I am a 25 year old lay person and the Masses will all be Low Masses for the foreseeable future, as we do not have a schola and currently only have one server).  I have served both the TLM's that have been offered at my parish.  As we approach the third TLM this coming Sunday, I was hoping to create a handout of some sort to provide to the congregation as they come into the chapel.  Ideally, this handout would describe the proper posture for the laity, as well as the responses. 

The first two TLMs were definitely learning experiences for everyone involved.  The priest is very elderly and had not offered the TLM in many years.  Of the 50 or so laity present, I would venture to guess that perhaps a handful had ever previously attended a TLM.  I was content with my performance as a server, but I hope to improve as the Mass becomes more familiar.  Inevitably, the laity would respond, in the best Latin they could, to every prayer much like they would at a NO Mass (many even read the altar server's responses to the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar along with me).  The priest read the Canon aloud (except for the Words of Consecration, during which he lowered his voice slightly but not enough so that the congregation could not here him).  There was general confusion about when to sit, stand, and kneel.

All that said, now that the TLM is to be offered for the third time, I feel that our "period of grace" for learning the Mass should becoming to and end and we should seriously consider perfecting the rubrics. That is why I feel a "hand out" is necessary for the congregation to help them understand their role at the Mass and how the concept of "active participation" should be perceived.  Does anyone have somewhere they could direct me to find something like this "pre-made"?  If not, can any of you provide me with suggestions of what to include?  I do not want to come across as condescending or as "scolding" the congregation, but at the same time I would like to make sure that we do things the correct way.  Also, is it my place to ask the priest to perhaps re-familiarize himself with the rubrics?  Like could I flat out just say, "Hey Father, the Canon should be said silently?", or am I over stepping?  Lastly, is their any general advice that any of you could offer me?  For example, have any of you been in a similar situation and learned something helpful along the way that you could share?

I look forward to hearing your advice!

God bless!

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