Help! Traditional Latin Mass - Guidelines / Responses for Laity
(07-08-2015, 10:44 PM)GangGreen Wrote: I don't see the big deal if the people respond with the server. I know some people seem to be against this, but i don't see an issue. The server responses are supposed to be on behalf of the people. If the people know the responses, then why not respond as well? For many people, they may feel more connected to the Mass in that way. I personally say the responses in a whisper to myself.

That's a good question.  In the English speaking world "Dialog Masses" (Missa dialogata) are relatively uncommon, but they are fairly prevalent in French and German trad Masses (French Organ Masses and German Singmesses are both examples, set to highly stylized music).  There's nothing wrong with them, but there are a few "rules", taken from The Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites of 1922:

1) A first degree of “Missa dialogata” consists in responding aloud with the server.

2) A second degree (which deserves properly the name of “Missa recitata”) adds to the first degree the recitation with the celebrant of all the prayers which are sung by the people at Missa Cantata, the Gloria (Et in terra, etc.), the Credo (Patrem omnipotentem, etc.), the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei.

3) Moreover, before Holy Communion, we should say not only the Confiteor with the server, but the Domine non sum dignus, which the priest says at that moment on our behalf, may also be said three times with him.

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