Sanctifying Effect of Priests to Faithful
I definitely think there is a relationship.  I believe st john vianney said something to the effect if a priest abandons his congregation and comes back twenty years later they would be worshipping beasts.

But the priest is after the father, the local shepherd so the locals will heed and yield.  I have been to parishes where the priest had an iron fist grasp over the parish administration and some with more loose administration.  A lot of time there is a light and night difference.  The former may have the exterior of piety but nothing on the inside.  The other may look like a Jackson pollock painting but have some heart.

The worst parishes I have been though are those that are more "democratic" with the laity.  You have too many chiefs and not enough indians.  Rarely anything gets done.  The deacon or worst the musical director has way too much powerful.  The message is always affirmative and the parish is deep in the red.  And the people are starved, granted old people that populated don't want to hear the last four things.

My philosophy is that when you are a new priest, you need to meet the congregation where they are at not what you think or should be.  If you had ten years of liberal administration, God help you because despite them saying about how nice they are to people and how they want to help every one.  They are bloody demons.  Once established and making the necessary behind the scene changes, gradually introduce things don't go out there hammering contraception immediately in your first semon.  It is a relationshio, it is about trust.  If you establish the trust they will be more willing to adhere to the teaching

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