The Hating of "Christians" In Ways That Don't Apply to Catholics

I'm trying to put together a list of the reasons people use as an excuse to hate "Christians," or arguments they use against "Christianity," that simply don't apply to Catholics.

For ex., Mike Huckabee was recently on some show or other, on which he was raked over the coals for defending that Kentucky clerk who refused to grant a marriage license to a homosexual couple. The host's argument was that she, and Huckabee, are hypocrites because that clerk had been married and divorced a number of times, which is against Biblical teaching, so her refusal to grant that marriage license makes no sense.

We Catholics wouldn't have to worry about such accusations because we support Scriptural marriage (which, though, allows for both physical separation, and might involve annulments, the finding that a purported marriage was never a true marriage at all).

I've seen a bazillion times the following sort of thing hurled at Christians: "You eat shellfish, don't you? You're a hypocrite for being against gay marriage but OK with shellfish!"

With that sort of nonsensical argument, a response could be that the Old Testament laws don't apply to New Testament people, plain and simple. The Ten Commandments hold true because they're a matter of Divine Law, and are repeated in the New Testament, most succinctly by Christ's giving us the Two Great Commandments (see my sig line). 

"You Christians are anti-science" is another one -- which is rich coming from folks who know nothing about the History of science, apparently, if they don't know the Christian roots thereof, and how priests and religious were among the greatest of the earlier scientists (it was a Franciscan monk who invented the Scientific Method, for crying out loud!). So while that "y'all are anti-science" schtick might apply to Billy Bob Beauregard down to the Holy Church o' Jesus, we Catholics are aware of the difference between science and scientism.

"You Christians just pick and choose what you like from the Bible, and forget the rest!" Well, that might be true for Baptists or whoever, but we Catholics don't "pick and choose" from the Bible at all; the Church does that for us. We're not our own Popes or our own Magisterium. And in addition to the Magisterium, we have Tradition that teaches us how to read and understand Sacred Scripture.

"You guys hate homosexuals!" True for the Westboro Baptist types. But while I think, sadly -- very sadly -- that there are some Catholics (the toxic types) who do hate homosexuals, any Catholic who hates homosexuals does so in spite of what the Faith teaches. The Catechism lays it all out very clearly. No hate there whatsoever. Of course, what the Catechism teaches would likely still be seen as "hate" by a lot of modern secular types because it doesn't allow for homosexual sex, but that same Catechism also doesn't allow for straight sex outside of marriage, so going by their logic, we'd also have to "hate" single straight people who have sex. "OK, but straight people can get married and have sex; homosexuals couldn't, according to your view!" Not true. A homosexual can recover from his affliction, or he could marry if he is absolutely honest about it all with his potential spouse, and takes care to deal with her honestly when it comes to having children (he could either get through the act while thinking of England, or they could remain continent, or they could adopt, etc.). Or he could remain single, as do many of our holiest people, including priests, including the Pope himself, whom Catholics honor as a father. So there goes the "hate" theory, and the idea that it's "hateful" to expect certain people to remain sexually continent.

"You hate women!" The "quiverfull" types have some seriously backwards attitudes, but Catholics honor the feminine genius (and the masculine genius, though the latter needs to be talked about a LOT more these days!!!). Our greatest Saint, the Mother of God Himself, is a woman. We have female Saints whom we honor liturgically, by having feasts in their honor, whose writings we revere -- some of whom are Doctors of the Church. We have people like Queen Christina and Maria Agnesi and St. Joan of Arc in our History, and it wasn't Catholic cultures that came up with things like "scolds' bridles" and the like. Catholic women have started and run hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc. It's Protestantism (most forms of it anyway) that's Mary-less, that has no heroines for us all to look up to.

What other common complaints about "Christians" and arguments against "Christianity" do you hear that just don't apply to Catholicism?


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