The Hating of "Christians" In Ways That Don't Apply to Catholics
I got involved in "Christian" groups when I was in college and there were a number of things that annoyed me. 

"Christians" seem to spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on salvation and preaching about salvation.  They call it "the basics" of their religion.  Jesus Christ did not emphasize it in the same way.  They argue that they are saved by faith alone, although Jesus did not preach that.  And of course they argue that Catholics are "not saved".

Much of what the "Christians" say is very vague.  "Make Jesus the center of all things" "Make Jesus a priority" "Always put Jesus first" "Set time aside every day for Jesus".  It was like they were preaching without saying anything at all.  It's not just uncontroversial it's totally unintelligible.  When I would ask them "What does that mean?" they would answer with a question "Well what does it mean to you?!  There is more than one good answer!".  I remember feeling the urge to say something sarcastic like "It means that I should eat some mint ice cream when I get home!"  But I bit my tongue.

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