Archbishop declares 1948 Lipa Mediatrix apparitions ‘worthy of belief’
Quote:Lipa Archbishop Most Reverend Ramon Arguelles has declared the apparitions of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace to a Carmelite Novice in 1948 as “supernatural in character” and “worthy of belief,” overturning the results of an investigation conducted in 1951.

In a decree dated last Sept. 12, Arguelles approved the apparitions of the Mediatrix to a Carmelite postulant named Teresita Castillo in September 1948 and the subsequent miracles attributed to it.

“The events and apparitions in 1948, also known as the Marian Phenomenon in Lipa, and its aftermath ,even in recent times, do exhibit supernatural character and is worthy of belief.”

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A message from Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace:
"Pray, my child, the people do not need my words. Tell my daughters that there will be persecutions, unrest, and bloodshed in your country. The enemy of the Church will try to destroy the faith that Jesus established and died for. The Church will suffer much. Pray for the conversions of sinners throughout the world. Pray for those who rejected me, and those who do not believe my messages in the different parts of the world. I am really sad, by consoled by those who believe and trust me. Spread the meaning of the Rosary because this will be the instrument for peace throughout the world. Propagate the devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Do penance for priests and nuns. But be not afraid for the love of my Son will soften the hardest of hearts and my motherly love will be their strength to crush the enemies of God. What I asked here is the same that I asked in Fatima... I repeat to you that I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace."

- November 12, 1948

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