Islamization of Europe a good thing
(11-24-2015, 07:02 PM)Optatus Cleary Wrote: How would the Islamicization of Europe not "hurt the people of Israel"?  Does Israel want French and British nuclear capabilities in Islamic hands?

Jewish leaders loathe traditional Christianity and will work to harm it even at risk of harm to themselves. They cut off their noses to spite their faces, as they say. Pitting Islam against Christianity, and vice-versa, will leave them with one enemy to deal with, and with Islam, they could work out a Noahide Law sort of deal. According to the post-Temple Jewish religion (which is NOT the religion of the Old Testament), Christianity is idolatry while Islam isn't. According to my understanding, Muslims could easily agree to follow the Noahide Laws without changing a thing about their religion, but practicing Christianity, which they consider idolatry, would be punishable by beheading.

The "benefits" of the Islamization of the remnants of Christendom are: 1) Christendom is wiped out, which means their most formidable enemy is wiped out, OR Islam is wiped out, either outcome leaving them with a single enemy instead of two, 2) more Jews would make aliyah and "return" to Israel.

For people reading over our shoulders: all of this stuff doesn't refer to "the Jews" or to "the Jewish people" as a whole. This stuff is the doing of Jewish leadership, and Zionist groups like AIPAC and the like. There are a lot of Jews who've walked away from post-Temple Judaism (an explicitly racist and explicitly antichrist religion), and there are also many who don't consider themselves Zionist. In fact, there are some Jews who are very religious (Orthodox) and who are not Zionist. See, for ex., and . Before the 19th century, Zionism did not exist. NO rabbi was Zionist. And when Zionism became a movement, it did so very slowly and with a ton of controversy in Jewish religious circles.


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