Receiving Eucharist while cohabiting/sleeping together in civil marriage
My fiancée and I couldn't wait for our Catholic wedding in March to live together, so about 2 months ago we ended up contracting a quick civil marriage and she moved in with me. We consummated our love for one another (and she's now also 2 months pregnant). We regret doing this, as we realize now that we were essentially fornicating, so we both went to confession 2 weeks after our civil marriage and have abstained from intercourse since and we will not have conjugal relations again until our wedding in the Church.

We do still live as man and wife though (she has my last name, we wear rings, live together, and sleep in the same bed), and after confessing we arranged a talk with our priest about this (he will be marrying us, and this is a traditional, Tridentine Mass parish). He now refuses to give us the Eucharist until after confession at our nuptial Mass in March because he thinks we're still living in a state of fornication even though we're abstaining entirely from conjugal relations. She can't stop living with me as she came from our hometown all the way to my medical school apartment on the other side of the U.S., and we essentially eloped because her parents are psychologically abusive (and she absolutely can't live with them again).

Is our priest correct that we're living in a mortally sinful state despite remaining continent (he has always been a particularly stringent confessor)? He said that he can't have our ceremony any earlier than planned initially, and since we want our wedding to be in that church and with the Tridentine Mass, going elsewhere isn't an option.

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