Liturgical abuse?
So I went to my local midnight NO mass. I found one thing particularly peculiar.

Behind the altar sat a local religious education teacher, wearing a white robe, similar to an altar boy. Okay, I thought, maybe there were no altar boys available.
Then the communion of the priest came. The priest split the Host in half, consumed the first half and gave the second half to the man I mentioned above. The man took it in his hand and consumed it. Then, after the priest drank from the chalice, the priest gave the chalice to the man to drink from it and he did. Afterwards, that man distributed communion.

I was appalled, it's as if this man was a concelebrating priest. Now, is it possible this man was a deacon?  If he was, are deacons allowed to participate in the communion of the priest? I know for a fact that he is not a priest.

This just made me doubt the NO even more. I mean, the mass lasted 45 minutes, there was no Confiteor at the beginning, the singing lasted 30 minutes, 5 minutes of homily and maybe 10ish minutes of actual prayer. I really fail to see how this singing and chanting and uttering several sentences can fulfill one's Sunday obligation. I fail to see how God can even be pleased by this rite. I just felt sad.

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