Those who resist change are obstinate rebels and idolaters and are guilty of "di
(01-19-2016, 05:06 AM)xandratax Wrote: I think all of this nonsense coming from the Vatican these is a big distraction, to get us busy talking and debating and doubting, instead of praying, doing good works and evangelizing. It's also undoubtedly related to the media today. We see this constant bombardment of fragmented thoughts and mini-scandals everywhere in the public sphere. The Internet is the cause. It's not as if there was less to talk and 'tweet' about the past, people just didn't have the means and therefore neither the desire to do so.

I think it's foolish to be continued to be surprised by anything Francis says or does at this point. It's clear that something is seriously wrong in the Church today. It's sad that we a have a pope who continues to add the problem, rather than solve it, but what can we do?

That's exactly what I have been feeling.  Stop being a victim of sensational interpretations of current events!  Sometimes the pope seems to know what to say and other times he doesn't.  He is like most of the leaders in Europe and America:  they don't really know what the root problems of our civilization are.  They don't really have the skills to fix them either.

Being in a constant state of shock and appall is not going to help you or anybody else.  When the pope starts advocating for the arrest and social oppression of people who don't agree with him, then I'll be concerned.

That's the way bishops used to take care of their opponents.  Aren't you glad you don't live in those good old days???

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