U.S. Bishop: Christianity "Running on Fumes"
Any rebuilding of the Church will be a slow build up from the peripheries, and it will largely be lay driven. I can imagine small house churches, oratories and very small but dedicated numbers of Christians that act like leaven in the dough of the local communities. Perhaps each community will have bishops associated with them too. That might be cool.

These days I can't say that the pope, the hierarchy or the current system in place is trustworthy or functional in anything other than to basically pass on Apostolic Succession so that there can be a real Eucharist. That's it.

I guess I'm off in the margins anyway. I attend Mass during the week when I can, on Sunday's and Holy days but personally I'm on the Julian calendar and pray using the Old Orthodox Prayerbook and Horologion. I still go to confession and these days I'm communing with regularity but I can't say I'm invested much in any kind of program put out by the pope or the bishops. I'm basically an Old Rite Russian Catholic stuck in the Novus Ordo.

I can say that there is a real grace that comes from the Eucharist, and that there's a noticable difference in my life from when I was actively a home aloner just praying the Office and now. Its subtle...but there is a real grace.

I'm sorry to say it Bishop Barron but any restoration will not come from the top, through committee meetings,gimmickry or public lamentation. It'll come from the bottom up.

The new Mass definitely doesn't make the Eucharist seem special. There is no profound reverence at the consecration, no bells etc. Its also just banal to have laity assisting the priest to give Communion to people. There is no line between the sacred and the profane in the new rite. In my own experience I have to go to Mass early and pray the pre Communion Canon from my Prayerbook to get in the right frame of mind.


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