Pope signals possible limited opening contraception in Zika cases
(02-19-2016, 11:17 AM)Optatus Cleary Wrote: What's missing from the Pope's comments, of course, is logic. There are worse things than Zika. I can think of about ten situations off the top of my head right now that make pregnancy undesirable in a manner on par with Zika. If contraception is okay for Zika, it's okay for those situations too.  And if contraception is situationally appropriate, it makes the most sense to leave it up to couples. All of a sudden you have the very situation "Byzantine" describes above. Unfortunately, you also have the refutation of the Church's claim to be the true Church. If contraception is objectively acceptable, and the Church has taught against it, the Church isn't really the Church. I think some people (and perhaps some popes) don't realize what dangerous ground they tread.

I agree with what Ann Barnhardt (Catholic vitriolic nut-case (though not so nutty) blogger) when she says not only did this comment make it sound like he was okay with contraception, but with eugenics.  Zika virus causes microcephaly, basically a life-unworth-of-life (hattip Barnhardt and 3rd Reich).  That's the only problem with the Zika virus...that it produces sick babies....this comment basically says no babies are better than sick babies.


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