Suppression of Saints' feast days?
Are you thinking of St Philomena?

There was a lot of change to the calendar along with the new Missal. Some of the saints that were believed to be mostly legendary, or that we know hardly anything about were removed, as were many of the Roman martyrs that weren't among the more important ones like St Lawrence, St Agnes, St Agatha, etc. That freed up a lot of days on the calendar, so other saints were then moved to their actual date of death, when they had to be placed on another day previously.

While it didn't occur until after Vatican II, the revision of the calendar isn't something that started there. The problem of "too many saints" (if it is one) was the reason for the 1911 reform of the Breviary - and the calendar after the Council of Trent had even fewer Saints on it than the 1969 calendar did.

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