"British Orthodoxy"
It's a wacky view. Read St. Bede's history of the Church there (written well before the schism).  They weren't using the Dl of St. John Chrysostom, but rather their rites were developed by St. Augustine of Canterbury based primarily on the Roman Rite of St. Gregory with some elements of the Gallican (St. Gregory told St. Augustine to do this).  Their chief bishops also received the pall (or pallium) from the Bishop of Rome.  St. Gregory the Great was heavily involved with the establishment of the episcopate there.  They definitely fell within the Western or Roman tradition, not the Eastern or Greek.

Finally, like J Michael said, the "Dark Ages" were from the 500s to the 1500s.  For most of that, we agree with the Eastern Orthodox on what the one true Church was. So the only real controversy then is them claiming the Churches there were Eastern Orthodox after the Schism. I'm not aware of any evidence that the British bishops were not in communion with Rome during that time.On the other hand, the Pope seemed pretty involved in English political and ecclesiastical life during that period.  In fact, Adrian IV, a British Pope, is from the century right after the schism. The English bishops participated also in the Fourth Lateran Council and enacted its decrees in their territories, etc., etc.

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