"British Orthodoxy"
(03-03-2016, 04:04 PM)Sequentia Wrote: I keep seeing on various different places on the internet Orthodox Christians claiming that the Church in the British Isles was always "Eastern Orthodox;" especially during the so-called "Dark Ages" when Christianity was taking root among the various peoples of the British Isles. I know Eastern Christianity played a part in influencing Christianity in the British Isles, but I definitely don't see it as being strictly "Eastern Orthodox." I thought "Eastern Orthodoxy" was a term used to differentiate "the "Eastern Churches" from the "Western Church" after the Great Schism.

England was very Catholic at one time.  Christianity came to the British Isles centuries before there was a distinction between Catholic and Orthodox.  There are western branches of Orthodoxy, but they're new and mostly populated with Catholics who are angry at the Church (meaning they're mostly just a bunch of hot air).  Certain toxic trads go Orthodox in order to avoid bad liturgy and bad theological teaching that modernists are promoting heavily in the Church.  Satan won't win, but that doesn't mean he won't try or appear to come very close.  Maybe a few also go Orthodox because there are certain moral issues on which Orthodoxy isn't necessarily as strict, or at least doesn't talk about very much.

(03-03-2016, 04:04 PM)Sequentia Wrote: Is this just another wacky anti-western view espoused by Eastern Orthodox Christians on the internet

England was Catholic.  In fact, they were once a very strong Catholic country.  They were referred to as Our Lady's Dowry.  One of the titles the current monarch uses is Defender of the Faith- a title bestowed on Henry VIII by the pope for his defense of the Church against Protestantism that he gave before he let his passions get the better of him.

"Another wacky anti-western view" is exactly right.  We Latins have our "toxic trads."  My guess is that some of those "toxic trads" go Orthodox instead of going (or after going) to some breakaway Latin group.  Also, Eastern Orthodoxy has a number of converts who are anti-Catholic protestant fundamentalists.  They have come to believe in the Sacraments, the importance of the liturgy, and of apostolic succession, but they just can't stomach the Church's teachings on the Papacy.  I guess I can't blame them for that though- a lot of people are so upset by the current state of things in the Church would be less so if they understood what the Papacy is and what it isn't.

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