"British Orthodoxy"
I still don't think most people ( including bishops) at the time of Bede had any sense of being " Roman Catholic" the way we think of the term today. Most laity, priests and monks were probably unaware of who the Pope was or whether he was important at all. Much of the theology and customs of the time was more folksy and mystical than that of later centuries. It was also probably way less polemical.

Today many Orthodox and Catholics define themselves by what they are against, many Christians of that era--- especially run of the mill priests and laity--- probably did not.

The western church of the British isles during Bedes era was way different than the western Church during the time Robert Southwell and Thomas Cranmer. Rome as this giant beauracratic institution that even one thought about and defined themselves as for or against was probably not much in evidence. The papacy of the high Middle Ages through today and people's obsession with it did not exist. The pope was a real figure,and most of the western church was in some communion with him, but there was certainly not the same sense of the Papacy that we see today.

The same applies to Nikonian Orthodoxy. It's every bit a pipe dream and a fantasy to read modern Russian Orthodoxy into the church of St. Bede as it would be to read in an SSPX chapel.  I don't think Bede would recognize either a patriarchal liturgy with ROCOR or a Roman High Mass as the same thing.

I second what what said about the anti Catholic protestant convert thing amongst the Orthodox! Many modern Orthodox writers are either academics ( most of them converts) or what some refer to as " bubbadox"-- hardcore southern evangelicals--- who turn East and all of a sudden they are experts.

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