Working Title: Mary Droppins... OR...

Wow... It's very, very, VERY rare I'd ever condone destruction of property, but in this case -- well, he's a hero, assuming he did it right and didn't damage Mary Poppins when removing her. This wasn't a secular setting. It wasn't a museum or whatever. It was God's very Home, and what was happening there was sacrilege. Why they can't do all this "fun stuff" (and I dig me some fun stuff, mind you!) in the meeting hall, school gym, church basement or anywhere else other than in the church itself is beyond me.

I once tore up a Masonic "Bible" I found in the CATHOLIC chapel of a VA hospital. I was stunned to have seen that sitting there. Outraged! I tore it up, and left it along with a note in front of the Catholic chaplain's door. To have a Masonic "Bible" inside a Catholic chapel, where the Blessed Sacrament was --- no freakin' way I could do nothing. And I don't feel guilty for having damaged the book itself; it wasn't a mannequin of Mary Poppins that could've been used elsewhere to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious effect; it was blasphemous in itself.


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