The hopeless desire for heaven: autism or acedia?
you might try getting rid of all of your tv's or at least all of the channels and show / movie subscriptions. 2 or more hours of tv/day has been shown to make very happy people progressively become depressed, and highly motivated depressed people to be incapable of general mood improvement. Matthew Kelly is a great resource. He talks about how to live the fullness of our faith, but also life in general. Get yourself a mental prayer manual, try to start praying together. Take fast food, sugar, salt, and red meat out of your diets. Go on weekly dates. Man, I dunno, try getting some relationship improving books and spend 15 minutes a day with them. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. My non practicing Catholic parents are in a similar situation but getting my mother to do anything with her evening free time besides read the propaganda newspaper and play computer games is next to impossible. Likewise my dad works 80 hours a week, sleeps 5 hours/night but wastes his precious little free time watching NASCAR and (what is in my opinion the most enraging and depressing pornography available to man) "American MSM televised news" for hours a day. They hate their lives, and I truly believe if they had a pile of good books which they read for just ten minutes a day and got rid of all the toxic mindless influences in their lives they would quickly progress to a happy marriage.

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