What Happened When I Dressed Like a Priest
Ah here it is.. I couldn't find the original article that linked me over to Esquire originally. I originally saw it on Churchpop, which has a comments section.

The comments were so revealing....

Quote:Those priests who eschew clerical attire will never know of the pastoral opportunities that they miss - quite simply because they miss them! My second Rector (who seldom dressed as a cleric) used to say, "but everyone knows who I am." I replied, "No, Rector, everyone who knows who you are knows who you are, but those who don't will never know!"

Quote:Our family was once with a priest in a restaurant. Father had his collar on. When we were leaving the restaurant a waitress reached out to him and asked him to pray for her daughter. If the priest had not worn his collar, that prayer never would have gone up to heaven for her daughter.

A priest wearing a collar is a sign of Christ. This sign is a consolation to the world.

Quote:I wear my cassock in public as much as I can, including grocery shopping, eating in restaurants and the like, thinking that there is already enough non-Christian-worldview advertising out there. [...] When accused of the cassock being an expression of excessive conservatism I simply shrug my shoulders and point out that in our parish we offer the Tridentine/Extraordinary Form of the Mass 6-7 days per week; the cassock is the proverbial Uniform of the Day.

Quote:Unless there exists a specific and pastoral consideration to NOT wear their uniform, then ABSOLUTELY! Priests should be a visible sign of the Church even when they're not in a Church. I tested my vocation with a Franciscan community a few years ago and I too can attest that wearing a habit in public is demanding. Many people, usually the homeless too, would want a Priestly Blessing. All I could offer them was to pray with them! But yes, Priests and Religious should wear their cassocks and habits, it's their clothes after all.

Quote:As a United Church of Christ minister, I am part of a denomination where most ministers do not wear clerical garb. However, I discovered long ago the value of wearing a clergy shirt with a white banded collar that most can recognize from a few hundred feet away.
I have been blessed by amazing opportunities for ministry that never would have occurred if not for the clergy shirt I was wearing.
It's both a gift and a responsibility.

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