A Snapshot of the State of Catechesis
(05-06-2016, 12:09 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: My own RCIA classes were abysmal with the exception of a few catechists,and the Masses at that particular parish were abysmal too. It's pretty much a miracle of grace that I stuck it out through to baptism and confirmation. I had to teach myself using KeepTheFaith talks and the old John Hardon archives. It's crazy.

One thing I learned was that Catholicism is pretty much a personal thing these days. It exists in old books, scattered parishes and a scattered remnant of people who believe and live in ways that hardly exist outside books and imagination anymore.

We have to stand alone much of the time, and even go against the popes,bishops and official teachings in some cases.  It's a bit nuts,and the cause of cognitive dissonance to the extreme.

You are so right FB!  What Pilgrim and I have tried to do is create something that our families lost 50+ years ago.  It is so very hard but worth it!  I also think that's why FishEaters is so important.  We need to support each other or this way of life will be lost.

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