More than boys; why men are needed to serve the altar
(05-19-2016, 11:24 AM)Sir Charles Napier Wrote: I was an altar server until I was 18, and was deeply honored to have done it.  My oldest boy (11 almost 12) is currently one, and one of the reasons he wanted to is there are no altar girls in our parish (yeah, I know, sexist, safe spaces :LOL:).  But seriously, he was interested in what the priest does, and knows and looks up to many of the older altar servers.  My middle boy (9) is eagerly awaiting his 10th birthday when he can serve.

My husband served too until he was a teen, and occasionally still will if there's no servers at Mass (which happens fairly frequently...  :eyeroll:). Our parish used to have a young man (early 20's) that took care of the alter servers, training them and mentoring them (back when we only had boy servers, but that changed with the change of priest), but he's since moved away and it's been floundering ever since.

My husband is taking over the coordinator/trainer for these kids because he saw the need for the them to have adult guidance and mentoring. I'm very glad he has, especially in light of reading this!

My daughter is asking why she can't serve. She sees other girls up there, and I've tried explaining it to her but I don't think she "gets" it. In some ways I'm tempted to let her, as she shows a lot of interest in the spiritual and I do think she would do a good job. But we decided a long time ago that our daughters would not serve.

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