The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.
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(05-27-2016, 09:30 PM)Cetil Wrote: What I don't get is that the CNN report of yesterday just says she "was treated and released"
So what happens to her now and the people she comes in contact with?


They had no choice. They can isolate a patient and hope the is no cross contamination, no 'nosocomial' infection outbreak at the hospital. But if it does start it would be potentially catastrophic for that institution.

My wife was a TB caseworker. She had a number of MultiDrug Resistant (MDR) TB patient cases. CDC and state agencies tracked them, back then. (I'm not so sure about now, their numbers have recently skyrocketed.) The only thing that could be done for them was to let them loose in the society and watch them closely, where they traveled and where they stayed. There was some amount of monitoring of whom they associated with, but they simply could not deny them their right to freedom of association or movement.
This phenomena could become worse, because there is a trait that bacteria can assimilate from other species of bacteria, making them resistant to all antibiotics, not just a species to species transfer, like in S. Aureus or C. Difficile or E Choli, et al, acquired over time.

Spooky and deadly stuff this.

That makes sense to me but my other question is what happens to this lady now? Is she going to die?


To speak generally; Patients who have MDRI (MultiDrugResistantInfections) are followed by a caseworker (like my wife was). They keep tabs on them. Some live quite a while before their immune systems breakdown and the 'bug' eventually kills them. Some get treatment when an alternative is found, a drug not previously used that someone tries and works and they will try it on patient X too. It is hit and miss and try what they can, but sadly, more often, the poor soul succumbs to the disease.


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