How to apply the Saint's examples
Okay, I'm owning the "it will probably suck" statement. 

Sorry to sound like I have a bad attitude.  :crazy:

Of course life in the Church won't always suck, hehe, and there will be consolations and good times and joy...especially if we have gratitude.

But we often times look around for the perfect Church and are really disillusioned when we think we've found it and find sinners there  :O, or truths that are beyond our comprehension that require faith and trust.

We are brought up with rather unrealistic expectations of a life lived happily ever after with shiny,  bouncy hair, straight white teeth and fun, fun, fun!  Actually, this place really can be a vale of tears because no matter how good things get, there is always a cross to carry with you.  For myself, the more I can accept this and learn to turn my sufferings into prayer, the more peace I have that things really are as they "should" be and be surprised (and grateful) when things actually turn out good!  I just keep telling myself that this isn't our home so no need to get too comfortable here. :)

Quote: If say, I wanted to seek the doctor to resolve some of my issues, does that mean I don't have enough faith? I wonder about that. A few years back, I was talking to a Protestant pastor about my respiratory illness and he said that it's Satan who gave it to me, and God will take it away if I'm faithful enough. I was incredibly confused by that statement because I started to think, have I been so awful that the Devil gave me this bad health?

This short book, which you can read online for free will answer these questions for you:

Not seeing a doctor is the belief of Christian Scientists.  Catholics are to do whatever is prudentially necessary to take care of their health so they can do God's work.  Sometimes His help comes from a doctor.  Allowing others to treat and care for you is helping them on their path to Heaven as they perform corporeal works of mercy.  Even if you are lying in a so called "vegetative state" you are helping others to grow in love and mercy.

As for if Satan gave you your the book, it explains it better than I can. ;)

(I read it once a year.  It's like learning how God is our personal trainer.)

Some saints were called to extreme measures of sacrifice.  We are called to heroic sacrifice in our particular state in life in our particular culture in our particular family and time period. 

Today wives are in a better position to put their foot down and set boundaries when necessary than in generations past.  Spousal rape was legal in the US until 1979 for instance.  St Rita and St Monica didn't have much support for standing up to any spousal abuse in their day.

Catholic spouses are suppose to help each other on their path to Heaven.  Letting someone mistreat you time and again, or being a doormat is not helping them to grow in holiness.  Boundaries with love and forgiveness are sometimes necessary while seeking to overcome evil with good.  Children need to see that you have self respect or they will follow their Dad in disrespectful behavior towards you and their future spouse.  Of course a good priest or counselor can help sort this out with the proper balance. 

In my pride I would often try to imitate the saints with fasting or resolutions to STOP ALL MY SINS RIGHT NOW!  Of course I would fail miserably, become really crabby and sin a whole lot more than usual.  >:(  So I learned that we mere mortal saints in training need to take it slow, avail ourselves to as much grace as we can and take tiny steps towards improvement.  :)

Also, the monastic life is so very peaceful and regulated that extra penances are sometimes necessary to grow in virtue.  I heard a priest who gave spiritual direction to parents say that because their lives are full of a hundred penances a day in serving others, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, the burden of bills...etc. that extra penances are not normally necessary.  Just make use of all the ones God serves up each day in the home (or workplace etc.) and you'll have plenty to make you holy in no time!  :LOL:


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