How to apply the Saint's examples
Quote:Then I was not wrong in my agreement that pursuing saintlihood in the same sense as the saints is going to suck. Got it.

Here is a priest's explanation from EWTN that I found to helpful on this subject:

John, far be it from me to discourage Catholics from a life of penance and mortification. What I meant was that we are not to engage in extraordinary mortification and without permission of a director and/or special message from the Lord Himself. Some of your examples simply described the terrible sufferings imposed on the martyrs, not their daily life mortification. The Little Flower of Jesus was so weak she couldn't mortify herself beyond the practice of the daily rule,(incidentally not without much penance in itself.) The dying to self of the Gospel is best attained by living out the will of God for oneself with perfect faith, hope, and love. For most people, extraordinary measures of penance would be cause for self-pride, for self-promotion. That is why one should always have the permission of one's director before attempting such. A life of prayer and penance should generally be known to oneself, not to others, and for the reason just given . You quoted the penance of St. Thomas More who ostensibly lived the life of a grand nobleman in England with the furs and perquisites of high office. His simply penance was watering down his beer at the grand state affairs he had to attend. Notice how small and unnoticable. I have known some who practiced penance too strictly, and eventually gave it all up, including the Faith practice itself. In sum, a good life of a married couple should include a sufficient number of children, which in itself will guarantee them both a long life of suffering, penance, mortification, sacrifice, prayer, self-denial in all things. All of which are ordinary, not extreme, not impossible. God bless. Fr. Bob Levis

Introvert, I am sorry to hear about your sufferings.  Although God can and may heal you, in the mean time you can be assured that they have value, including your desire for children.  Each time you feel that desire and sadness, you could offer that up for a mom and dad who are considering aborting their child, that they may come to know the baby's value. 

What I was talking about when I said that if we pursue the life of a saint it will probably suck is that it will be hard.  Christianity is hard. 

Sometimes I've felt like this is too hard and I want to give up. :P

But life is hard.  And you know what, it's harder to live life without Jesus.  I'm so grateful to have meaning for my unavoidable sufferings.

One lady asked a priest online for help with a non-believing husband who was turning her children away from the faith and he offered what assistance he could.  He also assured her that if you weren't suffering with this, it would be cancer...or something else.  There is always a cross.

St. Gianna gave some perspective on this in her last words to her husband:

“Pietro, I was on the other side already and if I could tell you what I saw! One day I will. But since we were too happy with our wonderful children, full of health and grace, with all of heaven’s blessings, they sent me back here, to suffer more, because it is not right to knock at the Lord’s door without having suffered greatly.”


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