I am tired of being a traditionalist
I was not implying she was abandoning her faith, something you can do as easily as a traditional Catholic as a conciliar Catholic. My main point is that you will find the integral faith and the sacraments in traditional Catholic circles. What you find in Conciliar chapels is a corruption of the faith and doubtful sacraments. I don't think it's worth the risk; it IS worth the suffering to keep going the extra mile to the traditional chapel.

I hear a lot about "community," and I know that, for a lot of people, "community" is a major motivation for going to their chapel. But that is not a good reason to go to Mass. Being connected to people is very important, and you can find that in hobbies, neighbors, and many activities. Heck, if all you want is "community," then go to the local Lutheran church events and bring a casserole! But if you want the Catholic faith, then look for a Tridentine Mass, because the Dogma of the Faith is perfectly enshrined in that. The Faith is not enshrined in the new Mass, with its table, its communal supper, and its offering to God of "works of human hands" instead of the spotless sacrificial victim of the Divine Son. I may as well go to a Baptist meeting house as go to that.

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