The Basics
Sex: Female
Age: 26
General location: IL (USA)
Ethnicity: Anglo-Norman ("white")
Describe your personality: Melancholic
Your likes and dislikes: Choleric people drive me crazy. :LOL: Not a fan of feminazis or LGBTQRSgestapo either.
Your hobbies and interests: Reading, science, gaming, drawing, praying, the Bible, archaeology, rocks and minerals, making rosaries, liturgical calendars, almanacs, medieval history, English Catholicism, iconography, history, trading card games (Magic the Gathering), collecting books, birds, technology, apologetics, church history, catechesis, etc.
Favorite food(s): none in particular but vegan black bean brownies are delicious. NOTE: I'm horrible at cooking/baking.
Favorite music, television, films, etc.: The Dark Crystal, Gladiator, The Neverending Story, Blade Runner, Excalibur, anime, old 80s/90s cartoons, old black and white cartoons, archaeology shows/documentaries, Gregorian/Byzantine/Sarum/etc. chant, medieval (Latin) music, alternative, etc.
Any other information you'd like to share: I am single and have never been married. I value honesty, because people tell me I'm "brutally" honest and too hard on myself (just FYI). I also have plenty of things or problems I need to get sorted out in my life currently, so I hope people can understand that.

The Faith
Your favorite saint(s): St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. George, St. Edmund the Martyr, St. Edward the Confessor, St. Patrick, St.Mary Magadalene, St. Timothy, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Joseph, St. Edith Stein....too many to count.
Your favorite devotion(s): praying the Little Office of the BVM/Office for the Dead/etc., the rosary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus Prayer, etc.
Describe how you found tradition: the internet and personal inquiry.
Where you currently assist at Mass: Although I was baptized in the Roman-Rite and previously attending a Catholic Church offering the Ordinary Form of the Mass, I am currently attending a Byzantine Catholic Church. I will not disclose locations.
Where you would assist at Mass if you had your choice of the options: I have yet to attend an EF Mass yet; I need to learn more about it before planning on attending a local parish that offers it twice a month.
Describe your understanding of the sacrament of matrimony in regard to daily married life: Absolutely sacred and beautiful, even though I don't fully understand matrimony yet.
Describe your ideal family life, including jobs, children, family traditions, etc.: I currently am paying off tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans and credit card bills. I have a lot of crap I still need to sell or get rid of. My priorities aren't the best right now, I openly admit. I am really the only practicing Catholic in my family. Currently I am working and had to take a pay-cut in the last half-year due to being unemployed. As a Catholic I am open to having children (obviously, duh) but don't currently have the understanding for thinking about ideal family life ATM. One step at a time...

Your Future Spouse
Physical qualities you find attractive in a potential spouse: glasses, some facial hair, tallness
Other qualities you look for in a potential spouse: devout, able to joke (I give nicknames to people I like), masculine but not "macho", good with mathematics (at least better than me :grin:), enjoys gaming but not to the point of avoiding responsibilities or relationships, must like birds :)
Qualities you will not tolerate in a potential spouse: extreme laziness or extreme workaholic, excessive controlling, dressing in tight clothing ("feminine"), long greasy hair (sorry, that's a physical pet peeve of mine), sarcastic attitude all the time.

Well I think that's it. I am not a perfect human being so don't expect a perfect woman. I also am not expecting a perfect man. I have many faults.

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