I have a question about one of my blog posts.
(06-24-2016, 05:56 PM)ermy_law Wrote: What are the criticisms, exactly?

Your quotes prove he was a heretic, which the Protestans see as his greatest asset since they do not want to believe what our holy faith teaches.
These are the criticisms:

"While I appreciated your defense of Catholic teaching, your attack on Luther is filled with out-of-context quotes and misrepresentations. Even the introductory comment has factual errors. Not all who are loosely described as Protestant are connected to Luther. In fact, most are not."

"Perhaps it would be better to focus on what you appear to have done well: present Catholic teaching. Leave it to Lutherans to present Luther's , and their own.
When you take small snippets away from the context, for example, the sin boldly quote, you misrepresent the meaning. "

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