Unmarried and vacationing...common question, different answers.
Pilgrim has a tenderness and protectiveness that come from living years wondering if his mother would fall on the stairs and break her neck - literally.  He has always treated me like a piece of crystal, despite the fact that I'm physically capable of virtually anything he is.  I sensed this gentleness in him early on.  It also felt like finding a piece of myself in his eyes.  I don't know how to describe it but a sense of fitting together in a way that seemed inevitable.  He made me feel safe - not an easy thing given my past.  When I freaked out if he hugged me too tightly, he would comfort me and talk me down - even if I had shoved him halfway across a room in my panic (yes, really).

As for Lug and your sexual/health concerns: why not book a joint appointment for a visit to your doctor?  Let him ask questions about your illness and the prognosis at this point. You can then discuss the STD concerns and any testing that might be appropriate given your health.  You both would have a measure of comfort in knowing more about the full situation.  He might feel better knowing he is doing everything he can, given his past, to protect you both.

Your aunt sounds like Pilgrim's grandma!  We came up to visit his father for a surprise birthday party and stayed in her home.  I was given a sleeper sofa in the living room.  Early in the morning, Pilgrim came down and sat in a chair near he bed to talk to me and hold my hand.  Out came grandma with a tongue lashing for Pilgrim the likes of which I'll not forget - even 16+ years later!  :). That was one formidable lady!!!

I'm no wiser in my own life than you are.  Trust me: I've made plenty of mistakes along the way.  I'm just more objective about yours.  :).

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