Unmarried and vacationing...common question, different answers.
Thankfully, he's over it already.  :LOL:  I advised him to view it as a special opportunity and we all need those times in our lives to ground ourselves to examine our relationship with God.  If he feels Orthodoxy in his heart, this is the perfect opportunity to really mull it over.  I know this opportunity wouldn't be available for most locations or vacation destinations; the location is known for its Russian Orthodox history.  So, this is not to say I support unmarried couples going away as I know the near occasion of sin is so heavy in the atmosphere.

He's still kind of cranky over the supposition that maybe I don't trust him.  I'm trying my best to explain that it isn't solely a question of trust.  He's very new to moral teachings and though he sees the big point, it's all the other little stuff he still has to comprehend.  Trying to explain "the near occasion of sin" or "at what point something becomes lust" causes strained discourse among dedicated Catholics so imagine a beginner to Christian thought altogether.

And I really hate to go on a rant but CINO's and all kinds of mixed messages don't really help.  He asked why do I have to live so strictly when people are Catholic and are much freer with themselves?  Here's an example: He has a co-worker who said, "I'm Catholic but I was sleeping with my wife (then girlfriend) and other girlfriends.  It's not a big deal."  How do you even answer such a thing without coming across as judgemental?  (which I was trying not to be.)  I simply said some people take their faith more seriously and his friend made things right by marrying his now wife.  We all sin, we all stumble with our crosses but it is how we turn away from sin that matters.  But, it's not easy when one person is saying one thing and others say another. 

So, I'm trying to explain to him, especially in the situation of a vacation, all of the pressure IS NOT on him so he shouldn't feel that I think he's a monster or something.  But, when you genuinely care for a person, you want to do what is best for their soul.  If I act in a certain way or expect something from this person, am I helping them get closer to eternity with Our Lord or not?  And if he cares for me, he will also not want to put me in a similar situation.  So, understand this is coming from love and not fear or bad ideas about him.  We have to pray for each other and since I know he's struggling, I have to pray a lot for him. 

Then again, he's coming over to watch a film about an old Russian lady that poisons (with Viagra) her husband so maybe he'll be questioning my love.  :LOL:  :LOL:  :LOL:

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