Clarification on No salvation Outside the Church & Baptism
I was talking with some people about the doctrine of extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.  My sister asked how then can a baptism be valid from a non-Catholic community? 

Here's an example I'm curious about:  If an adult learns about Jesus from a local Baptist minister and then gets baptised, he has all of his sins (original and personal) forgiven, right?  If he leaves his baptism and promptly gets hit by the church bus, he would go to heaven (with a likely stop in purgatory). 

How does that work?  Does the salvation that came via the baptism still come through the Church?  What if this individual had heard the claims of the Catholic Church and rejected them?  Does that sin of rejecting Christ's Church immediately 'reapply' after his baptism had forgiven it and therefore he still (may) be condemned? 

Any insights or thoughts or especailly official teachings/documents would be most appreciated.


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