Cardinal Sarah announces Pope Francis asks for "reform of the reform"
(07-06-2016, 04:03 PM)BC Wrote: I understand the largely good-willed thinking from alot of "conservatives" but it is really beyond frustrating to see these ongoing attempts to save the Novus Ordo, here and there.

Anything but go back to the Traditional Latin Mass, apparently.

One simple reason ... few, if any priest today understand the sacrificial nature of the priesthood. That is so intimately tied to the Liturgy ... But several generations failed to communicate that to their progeny, and gave, instead, a Social Worker notion to the priest.

Some, realizing that the priest has to be more than just a celibate Social Worker, have regained a bit of that notion of the sacrificial, but being so far removed from the past when this was more-or-less understood, they are just like the Greeks. The Greeks in the height of their civilization understood that there was something flawed in man (look at Oedipus, Antigone, etc.), yet they couldn't put their finger on exactly what it was, because they'd lost the notion of Original Sin. Adam passed it to his progeny, but somewhere along the line, someone didn't, and all that was left was a vague sense of disorder.

Today most Churchmen have no experience of Tradition. Even if they had the Roman Rite before 1962, few were truly formed by the Liturgy.

The Novus Ordo came around and it indirectly reinvented the priesthood. Now, like a blind man, realizing he's lost, he flails around looking for a solution, grasping onto anything he can.

It is hard to cast away all of that formation in a false notion, and it is not as if the traditional liturgy is a panacea, either. It's an odd Catch-22. The correct notion of the priest demands the traditional liturgy to nourish it, but the traditional liturgy demands the correct notion of the priest to prevent mere aestheticism and formalism.

There's really only one solution: Saintly Priests, who by some miracle, have learned and can communicate to those priests who have been lost in the desert of humanism, the true notion of the priesthood.

Practically though, that's going to require moral miracles, not some systematic human plan.

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