Retaining Your Sanity Under Pope Francis: A Homily
Besides, I don't think it counts considering that sedevacantists are far more likely to spew heresy than even Pope Francis. Pope Francis may be unorthodox and confusing but I've never heard of him saying anything like "there is no such thing as baptism of desire", a heresy I hear come out of many sedevacantists. I think this is mostly because the "heresy" card is their only excuse as to why they refuse to accept him as Pope, the real reason I think is became many of them are too self inflated by pride to serve someone like Francis whom they see as unfit to rule. They hide behind the name of "Tradition" when they know nothing of the sort and instead serve to scatter and separate what is left of the church.

Pope Francis constantly speaks off the cuff and this leaves him open to saying some things in ways that can easily be misconstrued to make him look lie a heretic, but there is a big difference between having an official pronouncement saying heresy and just saying something off the top of your mind without really thinking it through entirely. Pope Francis may not be the best Pope or the easiest Pope to get along with but something we forget is he really is just a man just like the rest of us. We need to be patient and pray for him, and we need to look on the bright side focusing on the good Francis has done instead of the crappy stuff.

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