Retaining Your Sanity Under Pope Francis: A Homily
Well im just saying that the only people I have heard make these heresies were either sedevacantists or right on the edge of sedevacantism, and I'm not saying that all sedevacantists are neccessarily heretics this was just an example. They may be well thought out but that rarely actually means anything and it certainly doesnt mean they are correct.

I agree that we are in a bad spot and that Pope Francis says and does things does things that are horribly stupid and maybe even gravely sinful but so did Saint Peter who spent the last moments before Jesus' death denying he even knew Him. This is not new, and this isn't even as bad as its gonna get.

Once again respectful disagreement trumps outright disobedience no matter how well thought out. This "picking and choosing" isn't "schizophrenic", it's necessary because pre-vatican 2 wasn't perfect either and it's wrong to deny that some things in the Church will always need to change. God put peter in charge of the church knowing that he would screw up and Paul had several disagreements with Peter and was right but he still knew that Peter was the one with authority over him. That's why we can disagree with the Pope while still respecting his authority and treating him like a human being rather than some idiotic usurper tyrant. David remained loyal to Saul even when Saul wanted him dead because David recognized that God had given Saul his authority and it was not David's right to take it away, rather that right belonged to God alone, the same goes with the Pope.

We just have to wait this out and pray that God will remedy this. And we can be sure that God will remedy this. In the meantime we just do as we've always done and focus on working out our own salvation and bringing others to the church, no matter how bastardized the masses are and no matter how annoying the Pope can be at times. These things do not make Catholicism, rather the heart of the Church is the heart of Christ Himself.

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