Traditional Liturgy Restoration Underway in London (CMTV)
(07-11-2016, 11:37 PM)Florus Wrote:
(07-11-2016, 11:27 AM)GangGreen Wrote: I still don't think there's anything to enrich in the old liturgy.
At best, my changes would be as follows:
Change the second "Domine, non sum dignus" to be said by the server/people
Make the second confiteor part of the rubrics for sung masses at the minimum (it's not really needed in the low mass)
Re-institute Leonine prayers. I wouldn't mind them also being prayed after High Mass prior to the Marian Antiphon (maybe remove the Salve Regina in the prayers since the antiphon will be sung after)
Update the calendar with new saints.
Allow two optional things for low masses: Allow priests to sing the prayers of the low mass. Allow for the use of incense in the low mass.

That's about it.

Interesting, where I am, the people always say all three three 'Domine, non sum dignus." Is that not standard practice?
At high Mass I've always heard the confiteor said by the servers after the priest consumes the precious blood, at solemn masses I've always heard the deacon chant it.
Leonine prayers after low mass I've also heard consistently. I thought all of this stuff was universal  for the old rite, is it not?  :crazy:

The other two I totally get though.

The problem is that there's no rubrics for the laity so it depends on custom. I mean, even on the same diocese here when we kneel and stand at some crucial points, depending on who offers the Mass (SSPX, ecclesia dei, diocesan, etc.) are different.
That said, traditionally the laity that is not serving up there in the altar wouldn't say much of anything. Here's a bit of the history.

On sung masses I, personally, only say the confiteor, domine non sum dignus and some other responses, but in a rather low voice (of course, I might move my lips on some other occasions). I don't like when people try to usurp the place of the choir, especially when its a good choir. But I realize this is a pet peeve I have.

Now, lest it goes unsaid : f mutual enrichment.

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