The SSPX to be given personal prelature?
My concern is that the vocations to the SSPX, and so the priests of the SSPX as well as the religious, come about because of the specific mission of the SSPX to stand against the Novus Ordo edifice.

In the non-SSPX groups, one sees a different ethos, different sorts of vocations.

With regularization, frankly, I'm concerned those people will try out a vocation with the SSPX. And ultimately, the purpose for the Society will be diminished.

There's a reason people who go to the SSPX go there instead of groups that are already "recognized."

Plus I just have specific concerns like will the local SSPX school gets sucked into the diocesan programs and have to teach the nonsense that they teach. Things like that worry me.

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