The SSPX to be given personal prelature?
(07-30-2016, 01:31 AM)HailGilbert Wrote: Personal opinion: I'd rather see the SSPX be an Apostolic Administration rather than a Personal Prelature like the FSSP. If memory serves, an Administration has more independence of action than a Prelature. So the Society should hold out for that.

A Prelature is a highly undefined and fairly new canonical situation. There is only one Prelature.

An Apostolic Administratior is much older and historically was a proto-diocese. The use of it for in Campos was a unique and novel modification, and there's no canon law to back it up.

In my mind, the Prelature is very flexible, since it relies mostly on the statues of the Prelature to define it and that's enshrined in canon law. The Personal Apostolic Administration is so novel an idea it could be easily modified later to undermine the working of the Administration, since it is not defined or protected by standing canon law.

The Prelature guarantees a prelate as its head (a bishop), whereas an Ordinariate or Personal Apostolic Administration only guarantees an Ordinary or Adminstrator with Ordinary powers (jurisdiction), which could be a simple priest. That's a difficulty for future Ordinations.

In Campos, for instance, there is no guarantee that Bishop Rifan's successor would be a bishop, and as a result they would have to rely like the FSSP or ICK on bishops to be provided for them.

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