Is it a sin to knowingly eat unheathy?
(08-28-2016, 09:30 PM)FaithandLove Wrote: No. Our Lord tells us in the Gospel that nothing going into a man (particular foods etc.) defiles him. Sin has to do with your will and interior motives etc. Food should be eaten with gratitude. I think mindlessly stuffing ones face with food (even fresh organic produce and grass-fed meats) while staring at youtube or a TV etc. is a sin because that is not the way The Creator made food to be enjoyed. The senses should be engaged and there should be a spirit of gratitude, the food should taste good and we should prepare it as well as we are able because it is a gift. Maybe all we have is some wonder bread and bologna but let's assemble it nicely and not do anything else while we are eating it and if possible, share the experience with family or friends if we have them around and if we are alone, sit at the table and savor that wonder bread sandwich, and at a regular time (not because we're bored or just addicted to eating.
Meals should be at regular times. (This develops discipline and teaches us to control our appetites and not the other way around.) -"I... bring [my body] into subjection." -The Apostle ( 1 Corinthians 9:27)
Meals should be shared and social whenever possible (we are also less likely to eat in a way that is selfish or gluttonous in front of others)
Meals should be eaten in an appropriate place (some kind of table or maybe a picnic blanket etc.)
We should be detached (sweet drinks and chocolate are not sinful but if you MUST eat them it is disordered. Where is the enjoyment if you can't say no. One needs to be able to take it or leave it).
We shouldn't be picky and children should not be allowed to be picky, but taught to appreciate and eat whatever is put in front of them generally. Children are poor, ignorant, and dependent and shouldn't be fussy about what is being served to them. Learning to eat what others serve you is also a good social and life skill  later in life. Taste is something learned. It can take up to 16x or more to develop a taste for a new food.
If a man likes eating sweets and highly processed food at every meal because he is attached to certain foods and is picky then it is his addiction and pickiness that are disordered not the cake and cookies or white flour.
Also, if I am not mistake, I also believe it may be a sin and fall under gluttony to be fussy about only eating "health foods" to the point that you are a nuisance to others. According to the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius one should be detached and not prefer health to sickness. It's a sin against the 5th commandment to intentionally harm oneself (not managing blood sugar as a diabetic or causing yourself other health problems) but there is a problem in our culture of making an idol out of "health". Seek first the Kingdom of God...
I was listening to someone go on and on once about cooked food and this or that other food causing cancer and how much raw food we should eat and they seemed convinced that being "health conscious" could prevent all evils and I said "But you will still die." And the person looked as if they wanted to deny it at first but obviously they couldn't. I've heard of women who miscarried being told by health nuts that if they had eaten organic etc. they wouldn't have miscarried. It's just ridiculous.
And if a person is so super health conscious about only putting what they deem "pure" food (whatever that is to them) into their bodies that they turn up their nose at eating with others etc. it is simply disordered (fear of contamination to the point of lack of generosity to ones neighbor is also a sign of a lack of charity).
Compare this social, cultural beauty and appreciation of food of a post-Catholic culture with our post-puritan culture of convenience, personal preference, "diets", "health" and eating "on the go". An American journalist living in France said that she invited French friends over for Pizza and a soccer game on TV, American style. But instead of heading for the couches her guests proceeded to sit around the dining table and eat their pizza with fork and knife  :LOL:

I study French while I'm doing dishes and cooking in the kitchen.  I have these DVD's, "French in Action." I know this will sound weird but I like to watch the French people eating. They make such an occasion of it!  :LOL:
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton

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