Reddit user throws a fit.
Kind of a weird thing to post here. Maybe a little gossipy. Not sure what to say about it.

As goes Reddit though, I've spent a lot of time on that website. Mostly lurking and keeping up with posts from a select few users I find especially insightful. The utility as of late has been diminishing for me. I used to post more frequently, and I guess it's good for cutting your teeth or working on your chops as goes argumentation. But it just gets old and honestly can only provide limited benefit for real-life conversational/debate skills. I think the full-time Catholic warriors there must have a calling, because the inquiries and conversations there are Catholic Answers-level repetitive.

Now I just use it to send the occasional PM for more personal discussion if I'm ever seeking advice or whatever. I still (almost reflexively) get on it at least a couple times a day to mindlessly browse, embarrassingly enough. Trying to cut it out. In my case it's a total time sink that I gain almost nothing from at this point.

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